Texas Instructor Program

The Texas Instructor Program (TIP) is a comprehensive reimbursement program designed to encourage interested racquetball instructors to become nationally certified by reimbursing a portion of the cost of the USAR-IP certification clinics offered by USAR (described below).

The TIP Programming Incentive is a supplement program designed to assist Texas racquetball instructors in providing quality racquetball programs for Texas men, women and children and generating grass roots racquettball interest in their community (described below).

The USAR-IP (Instructors Program)

The USAR-IP certification clinic conveys precise knowledge, skills and abilities required to teach racquetball efficiently; developing a clear comprehension and proficiency of the 10 Benchmarks of Instruction necessary to teach and train students; delivering an avenue for continuing education and advancement to assist qualified instructors in maintaining current informational skills; providing an evaluation process that facilitates consistency and quality control for instructional programs across the nation; and developing a high level of competence and confidence relative to primary instructional techniques.


Instructor Certification

  • Includes online course/course manual/certification

  • Initial certification is for a three-­year period.

  • Recertification is $25 every 3 years

  • IP Membership also required each year of $75 to stay enrolled in program!

  • Everyone must pass the Level 1 certification before they can upgrade to Level 2 or 3 certification.

LEVEL 1 Certification Total Cost $45


Final Cost $0


Advanced Certification

  • Everything in Level 1 Instructor Certification

  • Lectures, Discussions and Team Building

  • Written and Practical Test

  • Hitting Test

  • Demonstration of Drills to Students

  • Teaching and Lesson Plans

LEVEL 2 Certification Total Cost $295




Elite Certification

  • Everything in Level 1 Instructor Certification

  • Everything in Level 2 Advanced Certification

  • Video Analysis Training

LEVEL 3 Certification Total Cost $295



In order to receive the Level 2/3 reimbursement, the racquetball instructor must be a Texas resident, a current member of USAR and a current member of USAR-IP. Reimbursement requests must be submitted to the Texas Instructor Program Coordinator along with evidence of successful completion of the certification clinic.

Texas Instructor Program (TIP) Programming Incentive

This supplemental program provides compensation ($150 per quarter) for level 2 & 3 certified USAR-IP instructors holding the Texas Instructor Program (TIP) designation for conducting adult or junior clinics, leagues and other events promoting racquetball in Texas.

In order to receive reimbursement under this supplemental program, the racquetball instructor must:

    • Be a Texas resident

    • A current member of USAR

    • and a current member of USAR-IP.

Upon approval, instructors will receive $150 each quarter if they schedule at least three clinics, leagues or events or any combination of:

    • One junior clinic, league or event

    • One women’s clinic, league or event

    • One adult clinic, league or event

Each event must include at least five (5) attendees to qualify. Product demos do not qualify.

Evidence of the events must be submitted to the TIP Coordinator and must consist of a description of the event, list of attendees, at least three digital photos of the actual event. Upon meeting these requirements the racquetball instructor will be issued the TIP Programming Incentive funds.